Sunday, June 14, 2015

Winning Against Your Childhood or Online Bullies

Leonardo DiCaprio paints Kate Winslet
Success is what you would call the last laugh. Imagine if these targets had given up?

Never let someone else dictate your life based on what they might perceive as a flaw. It's only a flaw to them, to you it is your strength and your power.

So what do Kate Winslet, Eminem, Jackie Chan, the Dutchess of Cambridge, Elvis Presley, and YOU have in common?

Kate Winslet was called "Blubber" in school. Perhaps there was an internal smile of revenge during the scene in Titanic when costar Leonardo DiCaprio was painting her naked.

You will be empowered when you click this link.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Online Bully Murders Cop, Injures Another, Takes Own Life

Constable Dan Woodall
All hell broke loose on the Monday night of June 8, 2015 in West Edmonton when a warrant was being executed by members of the Edmonton Police Services Hate Crimes Unit to a known anti-Semite.

The officers didn't make it to the front door.

Constable Dan Woodall and Sergeant Jason Harley were both hit by a flurry of 53 bullets that were fired through the door. Sergeant Harley was injured after being hit in the back but Constable Woodall was fatally wounded. Both men were wearing bullet-proof vests.

The warrant was being served for extreme criminal harassment and the online hatred and bullying of a local family. The perpetrator's bullying behavior was known back to February 2014 and had escalated enough for the warrant to be issued, as the family feared for their safety.

The perpetrator torched his house immediately after firing the rounds and is said to be dead as the home burned to the ground. The house was reported to be in foreclosure and the man was described by his neighbor as a deadbeat who left his property in serious neglect.

It's a terrible story that emphasizes the depth that an online bully can go to wreak his or her carnage.

The victimized family will likely sleep a little better now that their tormentor is dead, but not without a heavy price. He left behind two additional families in distress, one of them in an unrecoverable state. God speed to Constable Woodall's widow and young children. The cowardly perpetrator's name was purposely left out of this entry because it is more important to know who the real heroes are.

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